Board of Supervisors, Jefferson County, Iowa

Sheriff's Office

Duties: The sheriff's office is responsible for law enforcement and the county jail.

Location: Jefferson County Law Enforcement Center
               1200 W. Grimes Ave, Fairfield
The Fairfield Police Department is also housed here, as well as the County Jail.

Telephone: 641-472-4146
For emergencies only, dial 911

Sheriff (elected official):
Greggory Morton, assumed office 01/01/13, term expires 2016
Chief deputy: Bart Richmond
Jail Administrator: Mike Simons

The County Sheriff along with the County Attorney are chiefly responsible for enforcement of laws.  The county maintains a jail which the County Sheriff supervises.  Some of the duties of the County Sheriff are as follows:

  • Summon grand and petit jurors
  • Principal peace officer in the county
  • Execute and return all writs and other legal processes issued to him by lawful authorities
  • Custodian of the county jail and is responsible for all prisoners committed to him until discharged by law
  • Upon commitment from the Clerk of District Court, transport convicts to the penitentiary and patients to the state hospitals for the insane
  • Patrol all roads in the county
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies


Severe Weather Brings Numerous Calls To Law Center, Hinders Emergency Services
Story by Emily Humble, News Director KMCD, 7-24-07

   Last week's severe weather once again illustrated a need for county residents to educate themselves about what to do when they hear sirens and when sever weather approaches. Sheriff Jerry Droz says that in the 45-minutes that the county was under a tornado warning, dispatchers received an estimated 100 calls to 911, most to ask about the sirens and the weather.

   Police Chief Randy Cooksey says that the public needs to educate themselves on what they should do, as the unnecessary calls hinder the ability of those on duty to do their job. At the time of the severe weather, the dispatcher also received calls reporting gun fire, an assault, a man with a knife, a drunk driver with an infant. All the while, the dispatcher was monitoring nearly a dozen other emergency frequencies on the radio, and in direct contact with 11 city and county officers on duty watching the weather.

   Jerry Calnon, Jefferson County Emergency Management Coordinator says the best thing to do is to get a weather radio to monitor the storm, and listen to your local radio station for frequent updates.

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