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Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable -- Auditor's page

Assistance with Utilities, Rent & Medication -- Veteran's page or General Assistance page

ATV Registration -- Recorder's page

Automobile Registration -- Treasurer's page

Beer and Liquor Licenses -- Auditor's page

Birth Certificates -- Recorder's page

Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes -- Agenda/Minutes page

Boat Registration -- Recorder's page

Budget Information -- Auditor's page

Building permits -- Currently building permits are not required in Jefferson County. However, there are state and national building codes.

Burial -- Veteran's page or General Assistance page

Camping, Cabins, Picnic Shelters Information -- Conservation website

Child Support -- Clerk of District Court page

Cigarette License -- Auditor's page

Cistern plugging -- Environment Health page

Civil Actions -- Clerk of District Court page

Court Cases -- Clerk of District Court page

Criminal Cases -- Clerk of District Court page

Death Certificates -- Recorder's page

Deer Licenses -- Recorder's page

Domestic Relations Cases -- Clerk of District Court page

Drivers License -- Treasurer's page.                                     Back to top

E911 -- Sheriff's page

Environmental Education -- Environment Health page, or the Conservation website

Environmental Health -- Environment Health page

Elections -- Elections page, or the state's website,

Family Planning -- Public Health page

GIS - Geographical Information Systems -- In the planning stage

Handicap Accessibility --   The County Courthouse is handicap accessible via the south entrance.

Health Education -- Public Health page

HIV Testing -- Public Health page

Home Health Care -- Public Health page

Homestead Exemption -- Assessor's page

Hunting and Fishing Access -- Conservation website

Hunting and Fishing Licenses -- Recorder's page

Immunizations -- Public Health page

Inspections (private on-site waste treatment systems, water wells) -- Environment Health page

Jury Duty -- Clerk of District Court page

Law Cases -- Clerk of District Court page

Licenses, Drivers -- Treasurer's page.

License Plates -- Treasurer's page

Liens -- Recorder's page

Maps (county highway, drainage districts or topographical) -- Engineer's page

Maps (election districts) -- Available at the Auditor's Office

Maps (GIS) -- In the planning stage

Maps (plats) -- Available at the Auditor's Office

Maps (real estate) -- Available at the Auditor's Office

Maps, County, purchase -- Available at the Auditor's Office

Marriage Certificate, Certified copy -- Recorder's page

Marriage License Issuance -- Recorder's page

Meeting Agenda -- Agenda/Minutes page

Meeting Minutes -- Agenda/Minutes page

Mental Commitments -- Clerk of District Court page

Mental Health -- CPC-Mental Health page

Motor Vehicle Registration -- Treasurer's page                      Back to top

Passport Agent -- Recorder's page

Permits - Septic -- Environment Health page

Permits - Wells -- Environment Health page

Permits - other -- Treasurer's page

Plats & Surveys -- Recorder's page

Prescription Card -- Save on prescription costs. See a Supervisor.

Probate -- Clerk of District Court page

Property and Assessment Information -- Assessor's page

Property Tax Exemption -- Assessor's page

Property Tax Online Payment -- the Iowa State Treasurers Assoc. website for Jefferson County

Prosecutor (local ordinances) -- Attorney's page

Public Health -- Public Health page

Radon Kits -- Environment Health page

Real Estate Recording Information & Fees -- Recorder's page

Real Estate Records Search -- The State Recorder's Office Website

Real Estate Transfer Information -- Recorder's page

River Access & Canoe Trails -- Conservation website

Road Closings & Construction -- Engineer's page

Roads, report problem -- Engineer's page

Roads, request dust control -- Engineer's page                      Back to top

Septic Inspections at the Time of Transfer -- Environment Health page

Septic Permits-- Environment Health page

Small Claims -- Clerk of District Court page

Snowmobile Registration -- Recorder's page

Supervisor's meetings -- Agenda/Minutes page

Taxes, assessment procedures -- Assessor's website

Tax Credit Claim -- Treasurer's page

Tax Levy Information -- Auditor's page

Tax Payments -- Treasurer's page

Traffic Tickets -- Clerk of District Court page

Trails -- Conservation website

Vehicle Registration -- Treasurer's page

Vehicle Titles & Registration -- Treasurer's page

Veteran Benefits-Local & National -- Veteran's page

Veterans Commissioners -- Veteran's page

Veteran Grave Markers -- Veteran's page

Voter Registration -- Election's page, or the state's website,

Voting -- Elections page, or the state's website,

Weather Radios --   The special-price weather radios obtained by the Board of Supervisors have all been sold.

Website Administrator --   Contact Shannon Pearson in the Auditor's office, 641-472-2840.

Weeds, Iowa's Noxious Weeds -- Weed Commissioner page

Well Water tests (free) -- Environment Health page

Well Permits, well plugging -- Environment Health page

Wild Turkey Licenses -- Recorder's page

Zoning --   There are currently no zoning laws in Jefferson County, outside of the City of Fairfield.

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