Jefferson County, Iowa
Clerk of District Court

Duties: In each of Iowa's 99 counties, a Clerk of District Court Office manages and maintains all trial court records filed in the county.

Location: Jefferson County Courthouse

Hours: Mon thru Fri 8-4:30

Telephone: 641-472-3454
Fax: 641-472-9472

Mailing Address:
Clerk of District Court
51 W Briggs Ave., Suite 5
Fairfield IA 52556

Clerk: Barbara Droz, appointed by District 8 judges
Staff: Sherry, Vickie, Jennifer and Amy


Clerks of District Court have hundreds of administrative duties, some of which include:

Some of the areas the Clerk Of District Court is responsible for include (among others):



Everything you want to know about the Iowa Judicial Branch -
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What is a judicial retention election?

Judges stand for retention election near the end of their term of office. In a retention election, judges do not have opponents. Instead, voters decide whether or not to retain a judge in office. If a judge receives a simple majority of "yes" votes, the judge may serve another full term. The regular term of office for a supreme court justice is eight years; the term for all other judges is six years.

Why does Iowa use judicial retention?

In 1962, Iowa voters approved a constitutional reform that replaced the process of selecting judges by popular vote with a merit selection and retention election process. This process promotes selection of the best qualified applicants and ensures an impartial judiciary while retaining judicial accountability.

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