McCombs Lane at the Maasdam Barns

McCombs Lane

McCombs Lane, which leads into the Maasdam Barns complex.
McCombs Lane

McCombs Lane and other improvements to the Maasdam Barns were made possible by gifts made in memory of George McCombs.

George and Madeline McCombs spent their married life farming in the Batavia area from 1941-1990.

Madeline was a homemaker who kept busy with chickens, gardening and flowers.

George's main enterprise was raising hogs.  He had a particular fondness for Chester Whites.

He farmed with general grade draft horses for several years.  They were used for pulling the Louden hay fork, threshing, harrowing, corn planting, filling the silo, hand-picking corn & hauling manure, etc.

A tractor was used for the heavier work of plowing and discing.

When rounding up reluctant horses he sometimes resorted to using his pickup truck.  After World War II, as soon as machinery became available, George changed completely to tractor power.

This switch was part of the revolutionary change that ended an era which had lasted thousands of years.

George enjoyed community service, spending many years as President of the Batavia Telephone System and as a Director of the Cardinal School District.

McCombs Lane and other improvements to the Maasdam Barns made possible by gifts made in memory of George McCombs.

From a series of interviews with Madeline McCombs conducted by Keith Shafer - summer 2011

George McCombs.

McCombs Lane photo by Jeff Fitz-Randolph

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