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Site List for:  Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield, Iowa

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Related to the Louden Machinery Company --  Louden Logo

On the National Register of Historic Places -- NRHP Logo

Section One:  Louden History & Products

Home Page of the Louden Machinery Company Tour

Broadway Building, former Louden offices and plant   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

Louden Bridge, Loop Trail bridge over BNSF   Louden Logo

Maasdam Barns, educational complex and museum   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

Early Fairfield Products, made in Fairfield, Iowa

Louden Company history, told briefly

Markers for the Iowa State Fair

William Louden's Notes about Products

William Louden's First Patent

Early Hay Carrier catalogue page

Senior Hay Fork Carrier photo essay

Litter Carriers photo essay

Super Track Overhead Carrier photo essay

Louden Overhead Hoist photo essay   NRHP Logo

Louden Kiddie-sized Monorail photo essay

Jointed Door Hanger catalogue page

Bird-proof Door Track and Hangers photo essay

Garage Door Hanger catalogue page

Overhead Garage Door Set photo essay

Louden Stanchions photo essay

Automatic Drinking Cup photo essay and history

Louden Cupola catalogue images and text

Barn Design # 2419 catalogue page

Barn Design # 7663 catalogue page

Section Two:  Buildings and Places related to the Louden Machinery Company

(Numbers refer to the Numbers on the Map

(00)   Introduction to Buildings and Places related to the Louden Machinery Company

(01)   Commercial Block, c. 1851, 106, 108, 110 N. Main Street   Louden Logo
   ⚫ See two murals created by Karla Christensen

(02)   The Tribune Printing Co, 1915, 101 W. Briggs Ave   Louden Logo

(08)   First Methodist Church, 1924, 201 N. Court St   Louden logo

(12)   (Former) U. S. P. O. Building, c. 1876, 110 S. Court St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(19)   R. B. & Lizzie Louden House, 1871, 107 W. Washington St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(23)   Albert H. and Mary Neller Home, c. 1890, 300 W. Washington St   Louden Logo

(24)   Wm. R. & Mary Jane Louden Home, 1897, 501 W. Washington St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(25)   R. Bruce & May W. Louden Home, c. 1910, 501 W. Adams Ave   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(26)   Broadway Building, c. 1892, and added to since, 607 W. Broadway   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(27)   Rock Island Railroad Depot (former), 611 W. Broadway   Louden Logo
   ⚫ Fairfield's Railroad History

(29)   Joel Turney and Co. building (former), c.1897, 501 N. 8th St (Not related to Louden, but another important employer in Fairfield)

(29b)  Iowa Malleable Iron Company (former), founded 1904, 600-608 N. 9th St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo
   ⚫ Prairie Architects' photos

(30)   Whitney Monuments Company, c. 1934, 601 W. Depot Ave   Louden Logo

(30b)  Clingan Building, 410 West Lowe Ave, at 5th St   Louden Logo

(36)   Church, 1926-27, 300 E. Burlington Ave   Louden Logo

(38)   Tudor Revival style House, c.1920, 505 E. Burlington Ave   Louden Logo

(43)   Garage, c.1915, Garage at 904 E. Burl.   Louden Logo

(44)   Arthur C. & Maud Louden House, c. 1917, 201 S. Highland Ave   Louden Logo

(45)   R. R. & Antoinette Louden House, 1925, 905 E. Adams  Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(46)   Home, 1917, 1102 E. Madison Ave   Louden Logo

(47)   Louden Whirl-Around, c. 1925, 905 E. Harrison   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(51)   O. F. & Lulu Fryer House, c. 1920, 902 S. Main St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

(52)   Maasdam Barns, 2000 S. Main St   Louden LogoNRHP Logo

Also, see the Fairfield Heritage Tour on the Fairfield Cultural Alliance website

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