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Louden Ventilating Cupola

Remove the Foul Air and Moisture from your Barns

From a 1923 Louden catalogue page - "In the poorly ventilated barn the moisture thrown off by the livestock condenses on the walls and ceilings ... and if the ceiling is not tight, the moisture gets up into the hay and rots it."

"The ventilating portion of the Louden Cupola is so designed that even when the weak air currents of comparatively calm weather strike it, a strong suction is created in the flue - a suction so strong that the foul air from the interior of the barn is pulled out. The extreme high efficiency of the Louden Cupola is made possible by means of the improved design of the V-shaped ventilating band or air shield and the fact that there is open space between it and the throat of the cupola - all exclusive patented features of design and construction - features that can be obtained only by the Louden Cupola."

"The open space between the V-shaped air shield and throat of he cupola does not permit any trash to accumulate. After the Louden is put in place you can forget about it - it will work year in and year out the same - always efficiently."

Scroll down to see pages from a 1923 Louden catalogue - the exterior of a Louden Cupola, a cutaway image of the Louden Cupola, and text that describes the features of the Louden Cupola.

Louden catalogue page # 178- The Louden Ventilating Cupola.
Louden Cupola


Louden catalogue page # 180 - Cutaway view of the Louden Ventilating Cupola.
Louden Cupola cutaway


Louden catalogue page # 181 - Numbers in this text correspond to the image above.
Louden Cupola Text

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