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Broadway (Louden) Building

607 W. Broadway Avenue (c. 1892)Louden Logo NRHP Logo

Formerly the offices and manufacturing plant of the Louden Machinery Company , this is the key building on the Louden Machinery Company Tour.

Louden Machinery Company headquarters, 1911 postcard.  There is no third floor.
1911 Postcard

Today the building contains apartments and businesses.  In the 1960's the then-owners of Louden Machinery Company moved out of this building.  Some of the employees savaged old records and correspondence.

The photo taken in 2010 (below) shows a third floor.  The third floor was added sometime after 1911.  That is why the postcard (below) only shows 2 floors.

A brief history of the Louden Machinery Company is a little further along.

Note: Displays of Louden photos and drawings can be seen at the Carnegie Museum.  View the Carnegie Museum website here.  These early photos were discovered in the Smithsonian archives.

For a time Louden was Fairfield's largest employer and sold barn products around the world.  Their overhead crane line continues to be sold today by a subsequent organization.  See current Acco-Louden products produced by Acco Material Handing Systems on their websites.

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for this building, which you can download.

Scroll down to see more photos of this building and a Louden Hay Carrier in use, one of Louden's important early products.

The Broadway (Louden) Building in Nov 2010.  Note that it has a third floor.
Broadway (Louden) Building

The Broadway (Louden) Building from the east.  Nov 2010.
Broadway (Louden) Building

The Broadway (Louden) Building, the east side.  Sept 2009.
Broadway (Louden) Building

Window detail.
Broadway Building window detail

Below is a Hay Wagon in use, utilizing a Louden Hay Carrier.  See details about the Louden Hay Carrier beginning on the "Louden's First Patent" webpage.

Click here to view a narrated YouTube video by Werner Elmker of Louden Hay Carrier equipment in operation.
Louden Hay Wagon

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