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 8. First Methodist Church

201 N. Court Street (built 1924)Louden Logo

Designed in the Tudor Revival style by Guy Carpenter, an architect with the"Louden Barn Planning Service."

Its design included a Louden ventilating system, an early attempt at air-conditioning.  The fans proved too noisy, however, and fell into disuse, possibly because it was not used correctly.

The Louden Ventilator Cupola on the roof, of a type usually reserved for a barn roof, can be best viewed from the north driveway of the courthouse.

Cupola on the roof of the church - viewed from the north side of the courthouse.
First Methodist Church

Louden catalogue page - Ventilating Cupola.
First Methodist Church Cupola

Louden cutaway - Ventilating Cupola.
Louden Ventilator catalogue page

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First Methodist Church, southwest side.  10-05-14
First Methodist Church

Southeast side.  Note Moorish details.  10-05-14
First Methodist Church

South door and arch, Moorish details.  10-05-14
First Methodist Church

West door.  10-05-14
First Methodist Church

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