Find the Maasdam Barns

Find the Maasdam Barns

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HOURS for spring, summer, & fall - Tuesdays & Thursdays 1pm-4pm,  Saturdays 10am-4pm.
The Maasdam Barns open on the 1st Tuesday in May, and close in the last week of October.
(Tours are available anytime of the year by appointment.)

The Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm is located about 1-mile south of the Fairfield Square, on south Main Street (Iowa State Hwy 1), at the interchange with US Highway 34, Exit 212.

We share the entrance road with the Jefferson County Health Center at 2000 South Main Street.  Maps below.

Maasdam Barns Sign
Photo by Werner Elmker


Exit 212 from US Highway 34:
*Exiting from the Eastbound lane:
Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Hwy 1 North. Then turn left into the entrance to the Jefferson County Health Center, then left into the Barns parking.

*Exiting from the Westbound lane:
At the bottom of the exit ramp, drive straight across Hwy 1 into the driveway of the Jefferson County Health Center, then left into the Barns parking.

Map showing location of Maasdam Barns
Map courtesy Liz Howard

Fairfield is located in southeast Iowa.
Map showing location of Fairfield, Iowa

A Fairfield map and a Jefferson County map is available on the Chamber of Commerce website. Click on any section of the Chamber map for an larger view.

**  The map of the Maasdam Barn property (below) was adapted from the Iowa Historic Property Study of the Maasdam Farmstead (PDF), prepared for the Iowa Department of Transportation January 2002.

Farmstead Map

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