Introduction to the Maasdam Barns

2000 South Main Street, Fairfield, Iowa

Introduction to the Maasdam Barns,
the Historic Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm

Maasdam Barns, Fairfield, Iowa

HOURS for spring, summer, & fall - Tuesdays & Thursdays 1pm-4pm,  Saturdays 10am-4pm.
The Maasdam Barns open on the 1st Tuesday in May, and close on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
(Tours are available anytime of the year by appointment.)

The Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm was developed by the Maasdam Barns Preservation Committee as a recreational and educational center.  Three historic barns are the major components of the Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm Historic District.

   Click here to view a narrated YouTube video by Werner Elmker of Louden Hay Carrier equipment.

Entrance Lane to the Maasdam Barns


The Museum contains displays, photos, artifacts, and stories about the farm's history.  In addition, there is information about early Fairfield industries related to agriculture, as well as visitor information about Jefferson County and Fairfield.

Of importance is that the barns were equipped with Louden overhead monorail hay carriers, which were first developed and manufactured by the Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield.  The Louden overhead monorail system is still used throughout the world in agriculture, but much more importantly, in industry.

In 2008 a section of the farmstead was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places, because from 1910 until 1938 the owner of this farm, J. G. Maasdam, was a prominent importer and breeder of award-winning Belgian, Percheron and other draft horses.  Horses were of great importance in powering the then improving farm equipment.

You can take an Audio Tour of the Maasdam Barns Complex by borrowing an MP3 player from the Museum during your visit.  Or you can listen to the Audio Tour anytime by going to the Fairfield CVB website.

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A recreational trail runs along the north and west sides of the farmstead (see the Fairfield Loop Trail website)

Maasdam Barns, Fairfield, Iowa Farmstead Map

  The above map was adapted from the Iowa Historic Property Study of the Maasdam Farmstead
    prepared for the Iowa Department of Transportation (January 2002).  See it here (PDF file).

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Photo from the 1920's

Aunt Marie with horse.


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